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Our commonly used outdoor furniture styles and material descriptions

Posted by:SUNWARD    Time:2023/6/8 19:11:38

With people's attention to balcony decoration, outdoor furniture has also begun to be frequently used for open balconies. But the styles of outdoor furniture are different, and people don't know how to choose: the furniture is placed in a door without saying; Pay more attention to details when purchasing, which pitfalls can be avoided? Let's take a look together!

Choose outdoor furniture in terms of style.

From the perspective of furniture selection, people's aesthetic requirements for furniture are becoming increasingly high, and the experience is also becoming increasingly strict. Outdoor furniture is no exception, it should not only be practical, but also have a high level of appearance and the task of matching home decoration. From the perspective of many projects, many outdoor furniture have a strong sense of design, but the matching is not unique. Why? Do you really know the style of outdoor furniture? How to achieve a practical and aesthetically pleasing combination of outdoor furniture and home decor? You must start with the style of outdoor furniture!

Design styles can be mainly divided into: traditional style, modern style, postmodern style, natural style, and mixed style. Many people mix various styles, but their own mixed styles are not satisfactory. After understanding the style and material selection, when choosing outdoor furniture, you can determine the materials based on the overall decoration style, and finally choose the product you like from them.

In this way, outdoor furniture and home decoration will not look mismatched, especially balconies and terraces, which are closer to the home decoration style. Outdoor furniture must adapt to their original style and complement.

Choose outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is mainly made of metal, wood, rattan, plastic, etc.; Several materials each have their own advantages, and can be placed according to needs.

If the furniture is placed on a soft lawn, do not use furniture with cork frames when choosing, as cork will absorb moisture and cause damage to the frames. If it is a hard floor, you can choose furniture with a cork frame. There is no sunshade in the outdoor activity area, with direct sunlight. The choice of iron furniture will be more resistant to exposure than wooden furniture. Plastic outdoor furniture may be a good choice in damp and rainy places.

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